In Holland, furniture from scaffolding wood is really populair but in Spain it is rarely seen. Wes made lots of furniture in Holland and working with wood is his passion.

When Wes  started he imported wood from Holland but he is now working with a local Spanish company. They sell high quality wood and we like to support local businesses. 


Wes makes customized wooden furniture. Made from different kinds of wood for example American Pine, Swedish Pine, Oak, Teak and Tree trunk tops. You can choose any finish you like. It can be used for inside or outside.  If you are looking for distressed, old  or a more modern look,  everything is possible. 


If you have special requests please contact us. Wes can come by and discuss options,  of course free of charge. 


You are welcome to visit our workshop and see some of our products. Please contact us for an appointment. 




Pago del Morente, Torrox